The Goodlands

Young Photographers Inspiring Hope in North Philadelphia.

Welcome to Centro Nueva Creación!

Centro Nueva Creación is a non-profit organization. Centro’s mission is to promote resilience in young people through educational enrichment and engagement with the Arts and Latino Cultures.

We achieve this mission through our flagship program, “The Goodlands.” The Goodlands was created in 2000 as a program of Centro to focus on positive aspects of the Fairhill community through photography. Fairhill, a predominantly Latino, low-income neighborhood, has been stigmatized as the “Badlands”. The Goodlands is a mind-set for young people to view their self, family, culture, city, and world. The Goodlands provides opportunities for young people to find their voice and creatively express themselves through the Arts.

Since its inception, the Centro Nueva Creación has trained over 800 children in photography and poetry, and has presented their work in over 20 public exhibitions throughout the city of Philadelphia and beyond.

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